I am not suggesting that this is the only way to create your Heavenly Body, but I am confident that it is the only way to maintain your heavenly and healthy body for the rest of your life without struggle, so you can start living your life instead of simply surviving. 

How do I know it? I have been a personal trainer for 20 years, I was a fitness competitor for 5 years, and because of the fitness competitions, I developed an eating disorder that took me 10 years to overcome. I know how it feels for your mind to be occupied 24/7 with thoughts of food, body judgment, body comparison, and self-hatred. I know how it feels to pass up opportunities and callings because of your body image struggles. I tried everything from therapy to acupuncture to hypnotherapy, but nothing worked until I gave up and stopped looking for solutions and answers outside of myself. I have finally come to realize that I am enough, and I have everything I need in order to heal myself. And I have DONE IT.

You have probably tried all kinds of diets and every single exercise that was guaranteed to be “the ONE.” But it wasn’t, and I know that feeling of helplessness when “the ONE” wasn't actually THE ONE…again. 

Creating a Heavenly Body that will last the rest of your life MUST be done on three CEO levels:

A fit woman after run taking a break and drinking water

Becoming CEO of your own body is like learning how to fish
A smiling woman eating a bowl of cereal and berries

Becoming CEO of your own mind is freeing yourself

A woman in the woods meditating

Becoming CEO of your own soul is like finding your own superpower

This is the Formula that will FREE you to dream again, to create and live the life you have always wanted. 

That dream you’ve been holding onto for so very long—it’s not going to go away. That dream was meant to be. The “pain” that is stopping you from achieving your dream has a purpose: to remind you that YOUR DREAMS MATTER! 

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