Tatiana - CEO of my own life
 For as long as I can remember, I had a constant nagging feeling that I should start my own business—there was no bigger dream for me than to be an Entrepreneur. However, I didn’t want to start just any business; it would have to be a business that was hand-in-hand with the Higher Power—I wouldn’t be doing it on my own. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but I didn’t have a clear picture…until I have received the sourest lemons in my life, when I thought my world was ending. While I was looking for answers and help, the idea of my business became more and more clear.  Everything that has happened in my life has had a purpose, and the creation of MY RETURN is no different. It has opened a new door for me with the most incredible opportunities, knowledge, new amazing people, and, most of all, finding my true self by helping others. I wanted to create a business that inspires you to rediscover your passions and find the confidence to become the CEO of your own life.


Therefore, I created MY RETURN - it is my return and EVERY WOMEN's RETURN to who we ALL meant to be. WE ALL - every woman - were created to shine! When we get off that course that's when life lemons and challenges come in. The empowering apparel with special quotes is here to remind us to correct the course and RETURN who we are meant to be. 

However, I didn't want to stop just with apparel, because wearing something outside is not enough. We need to wear those quotes also inside. And that's why I wrote my eBook: 555 method - OLD OUT - NEW IN. Basically, and simply said - I wanted to help all women to become "the perfect manikins for my own apparel" -- CEOs of their own lives women who are not shy to say and wear: "I am full of myself". And also, women who wear "I Am Enough, I Am Worthy, I am Loved" and truly deeply mean it to their core.

The purpose of eBook: 555 Method is to help a woman to grow the strongest roots to withstand all the storms and become CEO of her own life. 

The purpose of MY RETURN apparel is to show off a woman who doesn't just say it but also believes and then has the guts to wear it and tell the world that she is 'CEO of her own life' and 'She is meant to shine'. 


 * * * * *

Tatiana Schloessman