When I created My Return, my goal wasn't just to create apparel and remind every woman that she is worthy and that she has all the tools to become CEO of her own life. My mission was much bigger: I wanted to take action to help women who needed more serious help.

My initial goal was to help fund a non-profit organization which supports my philosophy that, in order for a woman to be successful, she needs to be free: free of drugs, alcohol, physical/mental abuse, and financial burden. I was looking for an organization that doesn't just provide shelter, but also educates women so that, once they leave the shelter, they are free in all ways--and, therefore, truly the CEOs of their own lives.

It took me a while to find such a non-profit, but I finally did--and I am thrilled to announce My Return's alliance with WISE PLACE A COMMUNITY OF HOPE & HOUSING, wiseplace.org, @wiseplace. Throughout my call with Development Manager Elizabeth Hendershot, I was so impressed with their program. See for yourself - please swipe .

We have all been through it: sometimes, no matter how strong, smart, dedicated, or successful we are, we might receive enough lemons to land us at the bottom. It feels awful, being at rock-bottom, but I strongly believe that, no matter how low, you can always battle your way back up. The most important factor is the willingness to climb. And, once you are ready to climb, I want to be there, throwing you the ladder. Everyone is meant to shine.

As part of my support, My Return will donate $1 from each purchased item to WisePlace. Also, every woman at WisePlace will receive a MY RETURN t-shirt for Christmas (the one on the picture). My first goal for this year is to donate $1000.

Therefore, please know that, by shopping at My Return, you are also helping women in need to become CEOs of their own lives. You are helping them to claim, "It is My Return to shine again."

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