What is the secret to losing weight and keeping it off forever?

Here’s a tale of two female friends which, I believe, clearly reveals the secret…but I'll let you decide.

On a beautiful sunny Saturday about 10 years ago, Kathy (35) and Nataly (37) decided to skip out on the summer corporate pool party, and instead, they had their own little "pity party."  

The two women were very much alike:
Both had body image and weight issues.
Both had been dieting and exercising to lose weight, but without any success.
And both had been wishing to fill up the holes in their lives, unsuccessfully seeking true love, work promotions, and general fulfillment.

Recently, these two women (now 45 and 47 years old) randomly reconnected at a business event, and they decided to catch up over coffee.
They quickly realized that, even 10 years later, they were still very much alike!
Both were married…
Both had two children…
And both, it turned out, had left the company where they'd originally met--and neither had left by choice. They'd both been "let go."

But there was a difference.
Upon her dismissal from the company, Kathy planned her revenge, put herself on a strict diet, and over the next 6 months, she'd lost 25 pounds. She got a new job, got married, and had two children.

And Nataly?
After Nataly was let go by the company, she reached out to me at the recommendation of a friend who was a current client of mine. Nataly started working out with me, and within a year, her body was completely transformed--both inside and out. She found the courage to apply for multiple job interviews, and she landed her dream job where she met her now-husband, got married, and had twin girls. 
So, what is the distinctive difference between these two women?
After 7 years, Kathy's marriage is heading towards divorce. She is still unhappy with her career, and she has gained back those 25 pounds--along with an additional 12 pounds. 
Nataly, on the other hand, is happily married. She loves and continues to thrive in her job, and she has kept off all 27 pounds ever since she lost them. Her body is completely transformed: it is toned and healthy (no more chronic migraines), and everyone can see her confidence radiating from miles away. 
So, my question to you is: Do you ever wonder, as I do, how and to what extent do our choices affect our lives? It wasn't Nataly's intelligence, her talent, or her dedication that caused her life to transform in a more fruitful and lasting way than Kathy's. It wasn't that Nataly had more desire than Kathy to be successful. And it definitely wasn't that Nataly had bigger dreams than Kathy. 
So, what was it? 
After Kathy was let go from the company, Nataly realized that she was likely the next to be let go--and not because of her weight issue, but because of her (self-admitted) poor work performance. During our very first conversation, Nataly's most memorable comment was: "Tatiana, I know I can do better, if this body would just let me do what I am capable of." She wasn't interested in shortcuts anymore--no quick-fix diets or "butt-whooping workouts." She wanted a complete life transformation, and that is what she got with my Heavenly Body Formula coaching. 
The result?
She hasn't dieted since she started working with me. She is healthier now at 47 years old than she was 20 years ago. Every year now, she goes with her friends on their annual week-long women's group hiking trip, which she could never have done at 27 years old. You couldn't find any happier couple than Nataly and her husband. And as for her job, the last time I spoke with her, she'd taken her successful career at the marketing company as far as she wanted to go. She has decided it's time for her creative ideas to make money for herself, not for a corporation. So, she has started her own marketing company.
I asked her what she thought was the biggest difference in her lifestyle before and after she went through Heavenly Body coaching. She said, "I am not wasting any more of my precious time thinking about food, diets, and my big butt." She laughed. "Instead, my mind is occupied with ideas for my work, places to go, and fun things to do with my hubby and my girls. And my favorite: which clothes I am going to buy next!" Then she added, "I am finally free. I am no longer a slave to my body and my own internal food fights."
As you can see, the difference lies in the small (yet life-altering) decisions we make.

The right decisions can steer you toward a path of success, joy, and ease.

The wrong decisions can steer you toward a path of failure, sadness, and perpetual struggle.

And that’s what this post is about: the WAY by which YOU LOSE WEIGHT and STAY IN SHAPE is ultimately YOUR CHOICE.
Heavenly Body Formula is not just "losing weight." It is a life choice that leads you along the path of success, joy, and most of all, freedom--the freedom to do the things you love.

And how do I do it?

Heavenly Body formula is unlike any other. I don't simply give you a fish (which is what all the diets and workout programs do). I teach you how to fish (just as I taught Nataly). Also, I teach you how to grow your deep roots so that, when the first storm comes along, you are able to resist all the unhealthy temptations. 

The secret to Heavenly Body's success?

The Formula is built on our 'Supernatural power' (YES, you have it too!!) which I teach you how to find and to use. And that's THE ONLY way you will be able to keep your new, fit body for the rest of your life. 
Nataly's story (and that of many others who have completed the Heavenly Body Formula) is just the beginning, and it is truly up to each individual how far she wants to take her body and her life.
Sooooooooo...how FAR do you want to go? How HIGH do you want to soar?
If you want to start today with your life transformation, sign up for the Heavenly Body Formula waitlist.
And meanwhile, get ahead and start today by creating your Heavenly Body Vision: it is a MUST, and it is the very first step of your transformation journey. 
It is my FREE gift to you!  

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