Sometimes, to Find Your Gift, You Must First Hit Rock Bottom

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This I KNOW for a FACT: every single person in this world has come to share his or her special gift with the rest of us. And the purpose of his or her life is to cultivate, cherish, and grow this gift. What are these gifts? They are zillions of talents, skills, passions, fields of knowledge, hobbies, etc.

But sometimes, we need to hit rock bottom in order to find our gift. I did. I found it at rock bottom, but then I needed to hit a second rock bottom in order to realize that this gift was supposed to be plugged in and turned ON, which made the gift a Gift on Steroids. :) Already in college, studying Fitness and Sports, I became obsessed with learning everything about the body: physiology, anatomy, kinesiology, etc. After I obtained my Master's Degree, I became a personal trainer and also a professional fitness competitor. I lived the life I had created for myself: the coaching, the competing, and living a happy little life according to my plans...until I got myself into an eating disorder because of the strict dieting I had to do for the competitions. I thought to myself, "Well, I know how to eat healthily, I know how to get my body into shape. I will fix it in no time." I quit competing, but...the comeback wasn't as quick as I had planned it. 
It took me 10 unhappy years (and hitting rock bottom) to finally get my body back. That climb up from rock bottom is my gift. I know now that I needed to hit the bottom, otherwise I would never have found the RIGHT FORMULA to create a body that is healthy, strong, fit, energetic, joyful, and loving. As a personal trainer with a fitness degree, I already knew how to eat right and exercise properly and efficiently...BUT! Those are only two pillars, and you MUST have all three pillars in order to create the body I have described (a.k.a Heavenly Body). I would never have found the third pillar in any Ph.D. Degree; that third pillar is also MY personal gift with which I came into this world. My love, my passion, and my knowledge about the human body motivated my clients to stay with me for 10-20 years (until I hit pause on my coaching career to be a stay-at-home mom), because they never quit taking care of their bodies, exercising, and seeing results. My Heavenly Body Formula won't let you quit. 
So, here is my second rock bottom, when I realized that this gift was supposed to be plugged in and had much more value than I had ever imagined. Almost three years ago, I received the sourest lemons I've ever gotten in my life--and I hit rock bottom for the second time. Sitting at rock bottom, I questioned life, life's purpose, my purpose, and basically everything--including my "useless gift" (FYI, at the bottom, everything seems useless). However, even though I thought it would be useless, there at the bottom, I connected with my core values (please check Heavenly Body Vision), and there I "received the Instructions" on how to use my gift the right way. I realized that this gift is not just "helping women to get into shape," but it is THE GIFT that teaches other women to find their own tools for creating their own Heavenly Body. Basically, my gift is not giving you a fish--MY GIFT is teaching you how to fish, and how to become your own independent CEO (Centered, Empowered, Original). Check out Heavenly Body Formula! 
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There at the bottom, I was told through my Inner Guidance that EVERYONE--every single person--has the tools to create a healthy, strong, fit, energetic, joyful, and loving body. MY GIFT is to help you find this tool and teach you how to use it. And that is what Heavenly Body Formula Coaching is all about. It is teaching you and showing you how to become CEO of your body, mind & soul. It's about having the body you love and respect, which will free you to cherish, cultivate, and share YOUR OWN SPECIAL GIFT: your talents, skills, passions, etc. Finding your own gift and sharing it with the world (your business, work, career,) is a huge part of creating and living the life you want. YOUR GIFT can then help someone else to discover her own gift. 
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Don't waste your time by living your life without your gift. The world needs your gift more than ever; it needs to be uplifted, inspired, educated, loved, and nurtured by your health and abundance. 
Keep sharing, and keep shining, CEO!
Love & Light 

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