Love yourself enough, by being financially independent.

How to be a financially independent woman.


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I would like to share this message with all women of any age but mostly with the youngest women and women who are staying home moms. I wish - GOD, I WISH - someone twenty years ago would hand me the book Millionaire Teacher by Andrew Hallam. This book is a basic and a MUST curriculum for every woman whose goal is CEO of her own life. I truly believe if women know how to invest their money - I am talking just $100/month right when she starts her job - there would be much less domestic abuse because women would be not afraid to walk away from an abusive relationship.

If you want to be TRULY FREE and financially independent woman you must have YOUR OWN saving and investment account no matter what - even if you are married. Two reasons:  1. When you retire and you got lucky because you married an awesome man - you can enjoy your savings/investment while enjoying your most fun years. 2. However, (and this is the reason why I am mostly writing this post) there are some unlucky women especially those stay home moms, who discover that the man they married is not who they thought he is, and after 20 years of marriage man in his 50s hits his second puberty and decides he wants to have fun on his own. Stay home mom who sacrifices her carrier and her life to her family if she doesn't have any of her own personal savings (because she trusted the man she married) she is on her own starting from scratch. 

My message to all women - young and older, married and not married - open your own saving account, learn about investments TODAY! Investment into Index Funds is easier than you think and you can start just with $100/month. If 25 years ago I was CEO of my own life that means knowing my worth and just being consistent investing $100/month today I would have $34,000 of Cumulative Investments that would turn after Growth into a Total Value of $270,000$ based on the calculation of the Index Funds lasts 25 years. 


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And here is one practical tip how to save money and get in better shape at the same time. I am a HUGE lover of coffee. When I am asked what is my reason for waking up in the morning - I always say "Coffee". Therefore, there is nothing and no one who can touch my coffee. I would never do any diets or detox that require quitting coffee, also I would never leave my house without coffee. However, probably 10 years ago I started with adding another coffee from Starbucks. So I have been drinking two coffees a day: the first one is a must at home and the second one is a joy from Starbucks.  

I have been having to try to cut down on the second coffee because I know it would be better for my body to cut down on caffeine, but two days later I would always go back. There wasn't any strong motivation to stop my beloved Starbucks until I watch the course on Finances and Investments. 

The instructor (Chris Haroun, An Award Winning Business Professor, Columbia University MBA Graduate ) shared this information: when you save $2 every day instead of buying coffee and you put it into an investment account with an Anual interest rate of 9.5%  (Stocks, Index) after 40 years because of "the Eighth Wonder" the Compound Rate you would have $326,178 !!! So basically if my daughter Lexi starts saving now $2 instead of having Starbucks that she has every day she would have $300,000 around the same age I am close to now. Wow, although I might not have a full 40 years that really made me think, and I quit my second coffee instantly. I didn't go back to it in two days as I did before,  I didn't have withdrawals, and I haven't been missing it all - my body is functioning fine with just one coffee. 

I have realized what a great motivation to turn the bad habit into investment.  So if there is something you have been struggling to quit for a long time try to do the math exercise: 

cost of the one item x 365 days + 9.5% annual interest rate x 30 years (Don't forget the Compound Interest!).  

By doing this, you will do two great things for yourself: 1. quit the bad habit, 2. grow your wealth. 

What a great way to make this year a year of becoming CEO of your own life. 

Being financially smart is being SELF-LOVE-SMART! Truly FREE woman is the only woman who is financially independent  - who is CEO of her own life literally. 

As a mom, the most important lessons that I want my daughter to tattoo into her mind are self-love and financial independence. Only then you can do things out of LOVE not out of FEAR!

Love & Light


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