Do you wonder how some things you did a long long time ago (even in your Elementary or HS) were basically parts of the big picture of your life today, but at that time you would never ever guessed that big picture? I would never ever thought 35 years ago that putting all the dots together my big picture would be  MYRETURN. There is no way I would guess that I would own my own business (Communism would not allow us to own the business) and that it would be a clothing brand. My passion and interests were so much a part of the clothing business, (before being a full-time mom I was a personal trainer for 17 years) yet as I connected the dots I am beyond amazed by God's perfect plan and path to my MY RETURN.  
See God's genius thinking and planning :
I have loved ART - since elementary school, I was always somehow involved with art including as a mom creating all the decorations and murals for my kids' schools. 
I have had a passion for TEACHING and I wanted to be a teacher because I loved helping others by sharing knowledge and knowing. 
I was and am still obsessed with being an FBI, CIA, or MI6 Agent (yes, my kids make fun of me). I am fascinated by agents' cleverness and determination in figuring "things" out. Hello, James Bond !
I  have loved SPORTS to the point that I have decided for college specializing in sports. 
So how these interests and passions create MY RETURN's big picture?
Love for ART prepared me for creating a business logo, apparel designs, website, Instagram posts, basically everything related to 'creating' in my business. 
Love for TEACHING prepared me for sharing my own lemon stories and helping each other to create the best lemonade recipes. 
Love for being JAMES BOND 2.0 prepared me to keep figuring out and never let anyone stop me. 
Love for SPORT basically brought me to the US. If I didn't choose this Sports College I would never come to the US (the Dean of my college send me to the US to get more experience in fitness, however, I never went back) and be able to learn about God and own my own business. 
God had a PERFECT plan for MY RETURN to HIM
Have you connected your dots - what is your big picture? 
Love & Light

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