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Ever since I started putting myself as a priority and opening my heart to listen to my inner voice, my next steps and my new path have become clearer. Every day, I find a little piece of the puzzle that’s coming together to form the picture of my “new” life, which was created for me a long time ago. The path that I had been following all this time had taken me farther and farther from my true home.  Now, the ideas and insights are just pouring in—I currently use seven different notebooks to keep the abundance of ideas at least semi-organized! My whole plan for this business has been going so well: the naming of the business, the mission, the stories behind the whole undertaking, and all the people who have been helping to put the ideas together. Everything was running along smoothly, until the pandemic crisis hit. It had begun to “rain on my parade,” so to speak, and I started to go back to my self-doubt, questioning my skills and my ability to create this business and take it to its fullest potential.

This time, instead of returning to my previous path…I decided to go for a run. I put the music on, left the doubts at home, opened my heart, and said to my beloved inner voice: “Talk to me.” I didn’t ask any specific questions; I was open to any information, and again, that trusty inner voice was right there with me: “The name of your business is “My Return.” It’s a return to the path that was specifically created for you before you were even born. It’s also a return to normal life after the pandemic crisis is over. Use this special time to evaluate whether you want to return to the state in which you were living before the crisis started. Do you truly feel that you are on the path where you want to be in twenty or even thirty years? You can use this time to accomplish things you have always wanted to do, but never had time. Often, it’s something fleeting, almost insignificant, that makes us stop and catch our breath and realize that we are on the way home. Use this time to figure out why you are always asking “Why?”

This message made so much sense to me, and in that moment, it felt so right: another wonderful little piece of my puzzle. I jumped onto the social media bandwagon. In order to make my new business work, I have to connect. I need to network. I have been living underground for the last twenty years: I had no idea how to use Facebook or Instagram, and so I was afraid of them. My very good and patient friend Heather dedicated her precious time to giving me free lessons on how to utilize both Facebook and Instagram. Somehow, it feels like the world is on “pause” while I catch up on everything I had missed out on when I was busy being a homemaker and a mother.

Be assured, life will go back to normal sooner or later. But for now, I urge you to take this time for yourself. Do something that makes you happy. Pray. Pursue some inner peace in the quiet of this solitude. Journal. Go outside and look up at the sky and seek resolution from your own inner voice to the questions for which you’ve been longing to find answers.

Since we cannot change the past, we should not wallow in regret: the past is over. We are here, now. Instead of mourning a past that we cannot change, let us propel ourselves into a bright future by taking a step onto a new, better path.  After all, we don’t want to miss out on the exciting journey of becoming who we are truly meant to be.

I would love to hear about your own inner dialogue. In the comments below, please do share your thoughts and feelings about your own path, your own journey. Or, if you would rather, please share what small steps you’re taking to ensure your health and happiness during this unsettling time. You can share as much or as little as suits your comfort level.

As our community grows, my hope is that we will all take comfort in each other’s support, and we will begin to share more and more, gaining confidence, strength, and affirmation each time we do.

      “Something within you knows your power and cannot rest in less."   ~Tama Kieves


I am going for walks and bike rides with my son. Thank you for the reminder. We need more positivity in our world. Continued blessings!

susie April 01, 2020

I’m with Alana if my body needs rest thats just what I do. But I also know my body need movement as well trying to find a healthy balance now before the hustle starts back up again…

Meka March 31, 2020

I’m moving slower and being more intentional about listening to my body. If I want to rest, then I rest. If I want to move, then I dance! I have a lot more time now to serve myself, so I’m doing as much of that while I can.

Alana March 31, 2020

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