There is no way to avoid the storms in life; they will come at the least expected times. However, without SOLID roots, even the biggest tree will be gone with the first gust of wind. 
Let's say that we decide, as a new resolution; we are going to eat healthily (again). For the first few weeks, we do well--until we get that phone call and the first storm blows in: we are so upset that we finish a whole bag of chips and a pint of ice cream. Why not?And with that, our healthy eating plan is out the window. 
We started a new business! Things are very exciting at the beginning, but then sales are not going as we expected, and the storm hits, and...our plan is out the window. 
We decided to be more active and start exercising regularly. We are so serious that we even get a new Peloton bike, because it will surely motivate us. However, life gets so busy, and something very serious comes up, so we skip the workout one day...and then the next day...until the Peloton bike eventually becomes a clothing rack. 
Being a personal trainer for 18 years, competing in fitness, creator of many projects, including my biggest project business, MY Return.life (Empowering Apparel for Women), mom, arrogant nonbeliever, and now a deep believer gave me opportunities to be on both sides of every subject of our daily life - starting from the energetic side: eating ultra-healthy and unhealthy overeating, exercising: obsessive exercise to no exercise; and mind: obsessive motivation to no motivation. Experiences of all these extremes gave me such valuable information. I wouldn't say they were pleasurable moments, but they were all learning and turning points that eventually helped me to create the balanced life-long motivation without triggering any willpower - 555 METHOD.
Every plan, project, or resolution are basically promises to yourself.  Every time you stop short, you are breaking those promises. The reason you stop is that you let anything outside of your world - mean person, bad news, bad day, bad situation - basically everything - to have more power than YOU - YOURSELF! With the 555 Method, you will never let anything be more important and have more power than YOURSELF. (not even that SB or those chips!) Period. 
Isn't our life the result of our finished and unfinished goals? We all have in our life that "unfinished" thing that we keep coming back to it again and again. Every year we start a new tree, but it gets uprooted. Why? No roots!  Today, get read of the OLD way and start NEW way - instead of building a tree start growing the roots - and next year you won't have to start a new tree but rather continue growing bigger roots - bigger tree - and more fruitful life. 555 METHOD teaches you how to grow the roots, and it is up to you how big a tree you want to grow. YES! You can grow it all the way to the top!
With the most solid roots, you will be able to see your worth and value, and there are absolutely nothing and no one that you would let disrespect it. 
555 METHOD is YOUR RETURN to your WORTHINESS that you were created to be. 
By utilizing my 555 Method, my tree has never been uprooted. No matter how bad my lemons get, I remain loyal to myself: I have never stopped eating healthy, exercising, or asserting my mental refrain: "I am enough. I am worthy." And in fact, the more sour the lemons, the more I kick my 555 Method up a notch.
My 555 Method is the method that helped me to grow the most SOLID roots to withstand any storm and to grow the most fruitful tree. 

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