My Return is, in fact, the delicious lemonade which I created using my life’s sour lemons. However, I could not enjoy my lemonade (cheers!) without helping other women to become lemonade-makers as well: hello, CEO of My Own Life Tribe!

My Return’s mission is both unique and very simple: we help women to become Who they are meant to be—unapologetically! Why would I create a Women’s Health & Fitness business directly alongside an Empowering Clothing business?

Here is my simple explanation of WHY: the pain, the frustration, and the yearning for something new or even for a complete transformation, are the result of our boat heading in the wrong direction. The farther away the boat from its proper course, the greater the pain. My goal/WHY is to get us all back on track:

*/ The Health & Fitness Formula is here to help you turn your boat in the right direction, by creating your HEAVENLY BODY. 

*/ The clothing is here to claim your “MY RETURN,” to remind you Who you truly are on your journey Home, and to shine your Light from afar for others to follow, once you get there. 


Heavenly Body Formula Coaching

Heavenly Body Formula Coaching


The Heavenly Body Formula is the only coaching that teaches you everything you need to become CEO of your own body, mind, soul, and choices. In short, you’ll become CEO of your healthy life and strong body. 

Creating a Heavenly Body that will last the rest of your life MUST be done on three CEO levels: body, mind, and soul --which is what this heavenly Body Coaching does. 


1:1 coaching: $2,987 please email: 


 *** Unfortunately, because of its popularity, the program gets sold out quickly. If Heavenly Body Coaching sounds like precisely what you have been looking for, make sure to put your name on the waitlist program here: WAITLIST 


**FREE Download:  HEAVENLY BODY VISION The Starting Point for Creating the Body You Have Always Wanted. VERY LAST "START" (no more New Year's resolutions to get into shape)


C o m p l i m e n t a r y

start to CEO of your body, mind, & Soul

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The ULTIMATE Jumpstart to Your Heavenly Body


 The best way to win your battle with weight loss. How to keep your body happy and healthy without struggle? 

FREE, much smoother, and forever-lasting Ultimate Jumpstart to your Heavenly Body. Why do we say “ultimate?” Because this is the one and only perpetual jumpstart you will ever need to create the very body that will satisfy you for the rest of your life. The Heavenly Body after 40 Formula will free you from revolving your life around food, and free up more time for creating your dreams.


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