Workout Smart Not Hard

The inspiration for this blog came this morning during my workout at the gym. I am kind of an "in-and-out" person when it comes to gym workouts. I aim to make my workouts time-efficient with maximum productivity, and therefore I mostly mind my own business and just work out. But this morning, I couldn't help feeling sorry for a female client who was working out with her personal trainer. 
A woman at a gym working out on a leg press machine.
She was probably my age, in good health, and in high spirits. I am sure she trusted her trainer to help get her into the physical shape she desired. However, observing the lack of efficiency and productivity of her workout, I quickly realized it is going to take her a long, long time to get there.
When I coach the Heavenly Body Formula (HBF), I teach women how to fish--I don't just give them a fish. After receiving my Heavenly Body coaching, every woman becomes CEO of her own workouts, because she knows the primary and secondary exercises for each muscle group, and she knows the principles and criteria for how to set up her own optimal workout routines. She becomes the master of her full-body workouts, her workouts to target specific "stubborn" body parts, and her workouts for developing specific muscle groups. And most of all, she wastes not a single minute in the gym (or at home), because her workouts are highly efficient--not just in terms of time, but in terms of accomplishing the most effective exercises for what SHE desires for her own fitness goals.
Let's go back to the female client I mentioned. I observed so many elements of her workout which I knew my HBF clients would do differently, but I am going to mention the three most obvious elements I observed--those with the greatest cost to her. 
1. The coach made her do very heavy leg presses. (I recommend using half the weight she was using, and I consider myself to be quite strong.) However, because the weight was so heavy, her movements were small-range and her repetitions were very low. In order to develop lean, toned legs and a tight "behind," she'll need to use lighter weight so she can bring the leg press all the way down (to get her glutes involved), and she'll need to do it with high repetitions. Her heavier weights will cause her legs to get even bigger and prevent her "behind" from working out at all. 
2. Because her weight was too heavy, she needed to rest in between sets--so they were both chatting. While she completed only 3 sets of 10 reps of leg press exercises on just one leg, I accomplished 3 sets, 20 reps each, of three different leg exercises (leg press, lunges, and leg raises). We both spent the same amount of time, but with a huge difference in efficiency.  
A woman at a gym working out with her personal trainer
3. Unless you are a fitness competitor or a bodybuilder, doing upper body exercises one side at a time is a huge waste of time. Even when I was competing, I never did one side at a time; my time was way too precious. So, guess what. After her leg workout, the coach and the client moved to the dumbbell section, and this poor woman was doing biceps curls, one side at a time, with chat breaks in between. While she finished three sets of only one exercise, I completed 4 different exercises (and all 4 of them, I repeated 3 times).  
I am not saying that you shouldn't work out with a coach. My point is that, if you know the principles of how to shape a lean and toned body, you will be able to recognize whether the workout your coach is giving you is aligned with your goals. 
It is like learning all the main ingredients for wrinkle-free products. If you take the time to learn the most effective ingredients for wrinkle prevention (like retinol, collagen, peptides, etc.) instead of just blindly trusting a salesperson (who wants to sell you the products that make her the most money), you will read the ingredients and choose the cream based on your own knowledge. 
A woman at the gym resting and holding a workout rope.
With my Heavenly Body Formula, no one will be able to fool you or waste your time and money with a mediocre workout. And even better, you will become CEO of your own workouts, body, mind, and soul! 
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And meanwhile, keep shining, CEO!

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