The Secret Behind Journaling

How journaling became my most powerful tool.

A woman writing into her journal diary.

Journaling has been a huge part of my personal and spiritual growth. I have to say, reaching the place where I am right now with my writing has been a long, long journey. It started with, "OK. I have to do journaling because every spiritual person does it," all the way to, "I love my journaling because it keeps me connected with my Guides and my Higher Self, and I would not be here without it!" I understand that, for some people, the thought of a journaling practice can sound quite cliche. For many, it's all they can do to put anything down on paper. I get it, I've been there. I sincerely thought that all the gurus talked about their journaling practice just to make themselves look special. 


However, I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart that if you want to become CEO of your body, mind, and soul, start journaling today because it is the easiest and fastest way to connect to your Higher Self. Without your Higher Self, you can't become the CEO of your body, mind, and soul. Every issue, heartache, and doubt will be answered. In my FREE Ultimate Jumpstart to Your Heavenly Body, I share tips for effective journaling. 


Each time I journal, I begin by writing about an issue with which I am struggling, and gradually my writing transforms itself. My "dumping trash" writing becomes my Higher Self or my Guides' "writing," as if they are speaking to me through my journaling. How do I know that the writing is not simply my own thoughts? Because I would never, ever come up with that level of "KNOWING," or the wisdom to answer in such a way. I didn't know the answer before I began journaling (otherwise I wouldn't have posed the question), and I didn't know it afterward, either. Each time, I have to go back to my writing and re-read it in order to recall what I wrote!


I have been nagged by my Higher Self to share some of my journaling entries, because much of the advice I have received will also serve as the answer to other people's similar struggles. "Don't think that you are so special that you are the only one struggling in this world. Share your Knowing," my Guides said to me . However, I have been refusing to do it because, well, you just sounded so "weird," right!? Well, as my journey has become more consistent with an awesome ride, this KNOWING has also become "the real deal." It is not just a "kumbaya" thing, as I had suspected at the beginning. They are my Godlines!

Therefore, in some blogs, I will (finally) be sharing with you some advice that I have received from my Guides during my journaling sessions. 

 A coffee mug with a journal diary on a desk

Today, I will be sharing with you what I received when I asked, "How can we be more consistent with connecting to our Higher Selves 24/7, and not getting caught up in petty things like gossip, jealousy, hatred, anger, betrayal, or sadness?"


It doesn't matter where you came from or how far you have to go to get back on the path that will take you HOME (Who you truly are). Also, there is no time limit or due date to getting there. The only thing that truly matters is how soon you start feeling the joy. The moment you feel the joy, that's the moment you step onto your path and start walking. As you start walking, the KNOWING will be revealed to you. To stay on that path, you must be FREE: free of the old circle of food, people, events, and memories that are not serving you well. Keep looking forward; you must do the things that bring you joy in order to stay on this path, like taking care of your body, eating healthy food, enjoying your hobbies, reading books, enjoying nature, and surrounding yourself with people who walk the same path. As you grow closer to your HOME, you will start re-remembering Where you came from and Who you are. Stop looking too far to the left, which is holding onto your past and your Victimhood--or looking too far right, which is planning your Revenge for your pain. Stay present. Past and future are NOWHERE! The present is NOW, HERE! Keep walking and keep your head up so you can see your target >>>HOME!


Doesn't it make so much sense? Sometimes I just laugh: "Duh, it is so simple: such common sense. Why didn't I know this?"


I love how God is all about common sense--what do you think? 

Love & Light!


*** Message me if you would like to learn more about how to start journaling and transforming your life from reacting to creating.

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