Our Divine Sisterhood

We all are sisters connected through HIS blood and heart and creating one awesome masterpiece DIVINE SISTERHOOD.  NEW COLLECTION: D I V I N E S I S T E R H O O D💞
I was so thrilled when Micheline @michllene made a comment on my post calling me "Sister." First of all, I have always wanted a sister, and the thought of having a sister felt so awesome.  But an even bigger reason why I was so thrilled was that she didn't judge me by my appearance or my skin color and put me automatically into the "privileged" box. (Trust me, the only privilege I have is my lemons.) I so appreciate it when I am judged by my heart, instead of my looks.
When I interact with people, especially women, I bypass everything and look straight into their hearts. I look past physical appearance, events of their past, adjectives, categories, and boxes--because honestly, I do not care about those things. All I care about is what, and WHO, is in her heart. And that's what I hope others will see when they talk to me. I hope they choose to overlook my accent (although I dare you to do it  because it is impossible), my past, my lemons, my culture...and just go straight to my heart. 
However, I have been told that it is rude of me to want to bypass all those categories and boxes, and just go straight to the heart. The only reason I can think of for why that person didn't wish me to go straight to the heart, is that she still wanted to put me in a box. 
I am a "Pray for LOVE" kind of person: I go straight to your heart, and nothing--not your size, your color, your culture, your level of education, your home country, your boxes, or your categories will stop me. I do sincerely hope that someday all of us women can be "Pray for LOVE" kind of people, connecting and communicating HEART to HEART.
Therefore, THANK YOU SO MUCH Micheline (I truly mean it). I am so honored to be called "Sister," because sisters are more than just friends; they are connected with blood, heart, and spirit. 
We are all sisters, connected through HIS blood and HIS heart, who make up one awesome masterpiece of DIVINE SISTERHOOD. 
You are mine, and I am yours.

When you need to cry on someone’s shoulder, it will be mine.

When you have the most exhilarating day and you can’t wait to tell someone about it and celebrate over a cup of jasmine tea, I’ll bring the cucumber sandwiches.

When you feel like you want an adventure, give me twenty minutes to pack a suitcase. And if you’re about to make a stupid decision—you’d better believe I’ll be first in line to talk you out of it.

I see you. I see your beautiful heart. I see your strengths and weaknesses, your vulnerabilities, and your incredible talents.

We are each other’s cheerleaders.

This IS our Divine Sisterhood.

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