Lion's Focus

                                                   My painting

I am certain that I am not the only one who sometimes questions whether my life is moving in the right direction. After correcting the course of my boat, with the blessing of a great wind, I was sailing along and feeling so good. However, suddenly the wind stopped, and I started questioning whether my course was correct. I was becoming impatient. I was aware that it would take time to start seeing results from my new decisions—to be specific, seeing the good results of my new business. Everyone with whom I had spoken in the businesses or entrepreneurial world had warned me to be patient.

I wasn’t satisfied with that advice because I know that I have patience. All my life, I have been working on projects – paintings, wall art, cards – they all required patience. Therefore, I was pretty sure it wasn’t patience I was lacking. In my quest to learn how to expand my business and find some answers to my questions, I had been attending Mastermind events where people shared personal stories and helped each other with business knowledge and expertise. The leader of the group, Joe Dichiara, shared his own stories, experiences, and mistakes from previous business ventures. He told us that, finally, his current business venture was doing well. So, I asked him: “What have you done differently this time around that has made your business so much more successful?” He replied, “FOCUS.”

Again, I was disappointed by this answer to my question, because I had always been laser-focused on my business. I am that person who, while in school, did all the homework, all the extra credit, and still found time and energy to do something more. Therefore, I didn’t think this advice applied to me because I couldn’t see how I could be any more focused or spend any more time on my own business. There was no way I was slacking. I needed to mull this over, so of course, I went running to clear my head.  Again, I was open to any message from my Inner Voice—I must admit how much I love my connection with my Inner Source. The message I received was this: “You need to FOCUS on your target – your vision, your dream, your end game, and nothing else. Keep one hundred percent of your attention focused on your target. Do not try to figure out how to get there, how it will happen, or what people have to say about it, and do not pay attention to anything that is not your target – that’s all distraction.” I suddenly realized that, lately, my focus had not actually been on my target, but instead, it had been on not seeing the result I wanted. I had taken my eyes off of my original target, which is a successful business. What was even more fascinating about this massage was that I had never poised the question to my Inner Voice of what He thinks about focus. I had never mentioned that word. All I had asked my Inner Voice was, “What do I need to hear right now?” And “focus” was the answer. :)

I kept running and, although by that time I should have been out of energy and stamina, I actually became even more energized. Suddenly, the picture of the lion that I had painted a few months earlier for my child’s school event flashed in my mind. I finished the run with that lion at the center of my focus. I couldn’t resist the impulse to look up the symbolic meaning of “lion.” The information was so captivating. This was the very first sentence I found: “Lions have laser-focus by eliminating distractions. When a lion is hunting a zebra, it uses all its senses to accomplish the task at hand.” Wow! In sequence, first Joe’s message, then the message from my Inner Voice, then the lion painting, and finally the facts about lions—everything was pointing loud and clear to just one simple idea: “Focus!”

Suddenly, I just fell in love with lions—and I kept reading. This what I found out, and I love it so much:

Lions don't put up with nonsense from anyone or anything. They stand their ground. They have strength, wisdom, prowess, maturity, and total confidence. Yet, they also show leadership, tenderness, and compassion toward other members of their pride, especially young lion cubs.

Now, I know why I had felt a special connection while working on this painting. I was connecting with my desire for lions’ strength, wisdom, and confidence. But what resonated with me most of all were the lion’s ability not to put up with nonsense, and the lion’s FOCUS.

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.”

~ Bruce Lee

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