Is Your Mindful Eating Your Worst Enemy? Here Is a Tip on How to Defeat It. 


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You have likely heard or recently encountered the term "mindful eating." Social media has talked about it so much that we have become immune to that term. Also, I think the meaning hasn't been properly explained or correctly understood. So, I'd like to fully explain the concept or principle of mindful eating as CEO of my body, mind, and soul. 

As a CEO, you possess the Empire, the life, which YOU have created and of which YOU are in charge. Therefore, YOU are watching over your Empire like a hawk. You are very picky/snobby about who you hire, which real estate property you buy, which machinery and materials you use, etc. Thus, before every decision you make, you ask yourself, 'How will this step or this move benefit my Empire?' or 'What are you bringing to the table?'
As the CEO of your body, mind, and soul, your Empire is your body. I cannot stress enough how important it is that you are SUPER SNOBBY about your body. If you run a luxury fashion company, would you buy cheap or fake materials to make your clothing? Would you hire inexperienced people to run your company, and would you open the store somewhere remote or in a cheap location? Of course not!
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So why would you run your business/body into a wall by making poor food choices? Treat your body as the most luxurious business. Before you eat, ask, "What are you bringing to the table?" "Will my body benefit from this food?" There are so many factors through which the body can benefit from food: muscle development, bone density improvement, lowering of cholesterol, beautifying and growing skin, hair, and nails, anti-aging, joy, fun, etc. 
Here are some criteria that you could apply when creating Your Heavenly Body Empire:
Muscle Development ---> Protein (chicken, fish, beans, nuts) 
Bone Density Improvement ---> Calcium, Magnesium (dairy, leafy vegetables, nuts)
Heart and Cardiovascular System (Cholesterol) ---> Vitamin D, Omega 3 Fatty Acid, Folic Acid (avocados, berries, nuts, dark chocolate, fish) 
Anti-Aging ---> Antioxidants (broccoli, spinach, carrots, berries)
Strength and Energy ---> Carbohydrates (bananas, oatmeal, protein bars, apples) 
Focus and Memory---> Vitamin D and B12 (green tea, coffee, eggs, nuts, fish) 
Fun and Joy ---> Without "fun food," there wouldn't be Balance (wine, ice cream, dark chocolate), but with too much of it, there is no Balance and thus no more fun and joy. 
As you can see, your body/YOUR EMPIRE can benefit significantly from the food you eat daily if you become a Snobby CEO. Therefore, be very picky about who you 'hire," and always ask, "What are you bringing to the table? How will you contribute to my Empire?" If you don't ask and you don't become a snob, your Empire/ Body will be taken down to "bankruptcy."
Don't be a neglectful ruler. Instead, be a MINDFUL, SNOBBY CEO who always asks questions. 
If you lose your Empire, where will you go?
I am just a message away from answering any questions about mindful eating or how to transform your body into a Heavenly Body. 
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