If We Lose Our Choices, We Lose Our Freedom

Independence or freedom is a HUGE thing for me because freedom is having choices. As soon as we lose choice and we have only one option we lose our freedom. Growing up in communism we had very limited options or choices.
We had only ONE choice of:
school system
health system
economic system (only state system no private sector) 
employment (no entrepreneurs) 
belief system (no spiritual only sacral beliefs) 
traveling (only to communist countries) 
political party 
Presidential candidate
Now you understand why choices are important for me. I literally panic if I have no choice. Now living in the US, whatever I do in my life I have a choice - get up and workout or stay in bed; eat healthily or eat ice cream (my weekends); blame others for my lemons or make lemonades; use public schools and health care system or private; and most importantly it is my choice to believe that I am God's creation and I am meant to shine (instead of being invisible part of a communist crowd). 
However, there are some people who don't like choices, they want to be told what to do and how to think because they don't want to take responsibility for and consequences of their choices. They rather lose their freedom. Yes, I admit not all my decisions of my choices were the best, but as I am growing my strongest roots I am proud to say that my decisions are getting better. But the most important fact about these choices is - that they are MY decisions coming from within. The things I do in my life are because I WANT them to do - eating healthy is no struggle it is MY choice, taking care of my body is not a sacrifice it is MY happy choice, loving myself is not a struggle it is (finally) MY choice, showing up everyday rain or shine is not a struggle - it is MY choice! 
I remember this so vividly - it was the first Christmas after the Velvet Revolution when communism was canceled in all Eastern European blog in 1989. And because of everything that the government canceled before - all the songs, movies, books came alive. I was decorating the Christmas Tree and they played Silent Night on TV - I know I heard that song first time in my life because that song was banned/canceled by the communist government yet it felt like I knew that song. The tears flooded my eyes and goosebumps covered my whole body. I remember asking my mom what is that song. I was shocked when she said she knew the song they (communist government) just haven't play it for 40 years! I asked " Why was this song so dangerous to play? How could any person be scared of this song and ban this song?" 
More and more new/old songs, movies, books, art were slowly coming out to the light after the Velvet Revolution. I couldn't understand how some group of people could make a decision and destroy any human art and creations just because they didn't like it and therefore the millions of others had to not like it either. 
The biggest hits, masterpieces, architectures, novels,...were created out of contrast. Which means that there was something that someone didn't like it and therefore he/she created something better. Adele went through a horrible break up and she wished to find a better love. Out of contrast, she created Album 21 that is officially the biggest-selling album of the 21st century. Oprah wouldn't be the most celebrated woman if she didn't live her contrast during her childhood. She used "What she didn't want to be" and went in a completely opposite direction. The famous Vincent Van Gogh's painting Starry Night is known as a magnum opus, this night stars painting represents the view outside his sanatorium room window at night. Starry Night represents a dreamy interpretation of the artist's asylum room's sweeping view of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence - his painting was the result of the contrast between the situation he was in and the situation he dreamed of. 
If Adele would destroy/cancel "breakouts" instead of creating the best album there would be no more beautiful songs. If Oprah would be fighting her past and family instead of building herself she would not be the most influential woman helping other women. And if Van Gogh would want to destroy the sanatorium instead of painting there would not be a masterpiece. You understand my point. 
If there is something we don't like let's not waste our time, money, and energy on destroying and canceling everything but let's rather create new stories, movies art, ... let's leave the things we don't like for others to get inspired too. And by the way, if the thing is really bad it will destroy itself, always. My daughter came home upset a few times because of some girls being mean. I told her "Just mind your own business. Let them bury themself." And they did - every single time. 
Every day I thank God that we have no control over making a decision on how to run the Earth and other planets. Can you imagine changing the directions and proximities of all planets just because someone decides he doesn't like the direction? Let' let Silent Night and all other creations be the inspirations for even more beautiful creations. 

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