I Create My Own Path


The logo, symbol, and mission of My Return did not come from a marketing agency; they were given to me by my higher Source, through meditation during a time when I was questioning Him as to the reason for my pain.

 The power to be CEO of my own life comes from within. It is absolute freedom from outside influence. It means that nothing, and no one, has any authority over me. It is freedom from any person, any addiction, any food, any alcohol, any bad habits, and any false beliefs.

 Picture this as crossing the bridge that connects your body and soul. The only way to get across is through one long, narrow bridge. You can bring nothing with you, not even a small piece of “candy“ hidden in your pocket (the “candy” representing some lack of forgiveness you’re not ready to give up). Also, to get over that bridge, you cannot hold onto the “rail” that represents a dependency or addiction, like food or alcohol. Crossing that bridge means leaving everything on the other side. You cross that bridge with victorious hands up, claiming, "I AM FREE! I AM ABSOLUTELY FREE!" There is nothing between you and YOU! And thus comes the Y with a heart, as a symbol of my business, MY Return.

 "My Return" means coming back to who we were created to be. When we feel sad, depressed, disconnected...we become farther away from the bridge. When we are too far from our perfection, our life feels miserable. Once we get closer to the bridge, we start feeling better. Once we make it over the bridge and return completely free to who we are meant to be, that is called BLISS!!!

 If you look at the logo for MY Return—the word "return" is in cursive, representing us when we are letting the outside world influence us; we are "too flexible,” trying to please the outside world and losing our freedom in the process. The "MY" piece of the logo is strong and solid: it is us returning to the bridge. “Y” with a heart is us being free, being CEO of own lives; it is us, victoriously coming home. MY RETURN clothing is here to remind you every day to cross that bridge and return home—to your true self.

 The message, the concept, the logo, the name, and the symbol came through guidance from my higher source. I was told that I needed a professional person to design my logo - but why? Because everyone does it! (And that's what you do.) The logo is a great success. I was told I needed to add ".com" onto the end of the web address; they said it would be very hard for me to make the company successful without that ".com." But again, I am not a follower--I am a creator of my own path, my own life. Therefore, my site is 'myreturn.life.'

I was told that I wouldn't be able to get a trademark for My Return because the wording is too generic. I went to two different lawyers and, finally, the third lawyer filed the trademark application with having a plan B and a plan C--because he didn't believe, either. This week, I received an email from the USPTO that said my trademark application had been approved, and my trademark is officially "allowed"--with no objection!

I am not everyone, and I don't follow everyone; I follow my own voice, my own guidance. I only copy and paste the masterpiece that God created, and that's my guarantee that I won't run into someone who looks just like me or does what I do.


“There is only one MY RETURN that truly cares about your worth, so you can create your OWN path, too.” ~Tatiana S.

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