How Big is Your Circle?

This past weekend, I got invited by my awesome business and inspirational coach Erika Ahn, to webinar called the Rock Your Life MasterMind Program organized by Craig Duswalt.  This workshop is one of the many reasons why I am enjoying my new Entrepreneur’s journey so much. All of the speakers were incredible, and their speeches were highly valuable and memorable. But one particular message resonated with me the most, and I have actually not stopped thinking about it since the speaker asked a particular question. The speaker was an actor, Glenn Morshower, and he was sharing his most significant life stories and lessons. One of the lessons was “How big is your circle?” Hmm, I thought immediately. How big is my circle? Wow. That question really made me pause and allow the movie of my life to play back in my mind. The perimeter of the circle of my last 20 years was, alarmingly, only a few feet. The only people in my circle were my family members. That was it. I realized, sadly, how small my world really was, and if my course had not shifted, I’d be spending the next twenty years still living in that tiny circle.

Why and how could I have confined myself to such a small world? One of the reasons was that I simply hadn’t known any better. Growing up in a communist country, I learned not to “check out” the other side. For example, we weren’t allowed to watch movies, listen to any music, or buy nice clothes or other items from the “bad western capitalist countries.” And we didn’t—because we didn’t know any better. If we knew of only the things that we had available, we didn’t have any desires for the other, better things, because we had never tried them. Having only one choice required us to be satisfied with that one choice. Although my world was tiny, I forced myself to be satisfied, since I didn’t know any other option.

The second reason why I had allowed my world to shrink was a big one: fear. Although I desired to change my course and to become an entrepreneur, I didn’t dare to make that shift. I was so scared. And that fear came from my upbringing, which had imprinted in me (until now) to always be careful. I was taught to take action towards a goal only if success was 100% guaranteed. But what brand new business is 100% guaranteed? Even today, when talking to my mom, I have to defend my new Entrepreneurial life.

Since I started my new business, MY Return, only 4 months ago, the perimeter of my circle has grown one hundred times bigger. I have met so many inspirational and wonderful people. Even during quarantine, I have learned so many new things, I have expanded my skills, and most importantly, I have increased my self-value, self-love, and self-respect. And I know that I am not done. My circle is going to continue to grow. We grow our circle by eliminating fear, stepping outside of our comfort zone, and trying new things. How do we know whether we like something or not, and how do we discover whether we are good at something or not, if we never try or learn new things? Doing new things opens doors to bring people into our lives, which in turn keeps our circle expanding. As I am expanding beyond my formerly “little world,” I am thankful every day for MY Return and excited to see how big my circle can grow. I am so happy and grateful to have you in my circle.

You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?

~Mawlana Jalal Al-Din Rumi

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