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Fitness and coaching are meant for me; they have always been my calling. After taking a long “break” from fitness coaching to be an at-home mom, I have come to realize how much I miss it. I have decided to return to coaching, mostly because I have a different approach to health and fitness as a young woman of 50 (*wink*). I don't believe that taking care of our bodies should be a painful struggle. Also, I don't think managing the shape of our bodies should be a full-time job. Our minds shouldn’t be constantly occupied with guilt about food, or woe over the size of our arms and thighs—especially not after age 40 or 50. This is a time for us to enjoy our lives. We have raised our kids and helped them to shine; now is the time for us to shine. 

I understand how women’s bodies work after 40: the hormones, the body’s resilience to change, the stubborn fat pockets, emotional eating, and all the other challenges which prevent our bodies from maintaining our “ideal shape.” Due to these factors, getting into healthy shape after 40 is a completely different story, which young coaches can’t understand and which male coaches refuse to acknowledge. 

As a personal trainer, a fitness competitor, a mom, and (most recently) as CEO of my own life, I have experienced my own body transforming and adjusting to numerous shapes and sizes. As a young kid, I was always athletic. After obtaining my Master’s Degree at the College of Physical Education and Sport in Bratislava, Slovakia, I came to the United States and became a personal trainer and a fitness competitor. I worked diligently until my body transformed into the most athletic shape possible. I was totally put together—but only on the outside. The competitions took quite a toll on my mental stamina because of the extreme dieting, and I developed an eating disorder that took me 10 years to overcome. I became a “food prisoner.” My love/hate relationship with both my food and my body completely controlled my everyday life. Reaching your goals is impossible when your focus is continually being pulled in the wrong direction.

I felt as if I were spiraling out of control. I tried acupuncture, hypnosis, excessive exercise, extreme dieting, reading every popular mindset book, prayer, and meditation—all without results. Finally, one day I figured out the “secret” to “controlling” my body without any struggle or sacrifice. I have found the “formula” for keeping the body healthy and in desirable shape, even when life gets busy with children, challenges, jobs, Covid, and those darn age-related factors like gravity. 

With my Master's Degree in Fitness, 20 years of coaching, 5 years of fitness competition, being a mom of two teens, making so much lemonade when life brought me lemons one after another, and endless time spent with my Creator…I have finally discovered the formula for keeping your body in optimal shape without constant calorie counting, keeping a food journal, measuring every single portion of food, avoiding particular “bad” food groups, dieting, and hating exercise. The Heavenly Body after 40 Formula will free you from revolving your life around food, and free up more time for creating your dreams. 

It is my passion and my deepest desire to help every woman to become CEO of her body, mind, and soul. I know how it feels when you are not, and when you are a slave to your own body shaming—but I also know how it feels when you are FREE from it. And let me tell you, there is NO comparison. Therefore, don't waste one more moment of your life without being your own CEO: Centered, Empowered, Original. 

It is time to Shine!

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This program and group is a sister to My Return - the message and purpose of both are perfectly aligned: CEO of my own life and CEO of my body, mind, and soul. 

Life is not easy, and age and gravity are NOT often kind (especially to women). However, we should not allow these factors to control our lives. After 40 (and especially after 50—I’m looking at you, empty nester mamas), it is time to enjoy our lives and to work on our dreams instead of constantly struggling with our bodies. The purpose of this group is to release you from the body struggles so that your time and energy are freed up to enjoy your life. 


Things you won't be doing in this group:

  • Getting on any diet plan
  • Counting calories
  • Measuring every meal
  • Writing in a food journal 
  • Training for a marathon 
  • Avoiding any food groups (Yes, you can have that glass of wine!) 
  • Following a specific workout program
  • Signing up for a new gym membership


Things you will be doing in this group:

  • Learning to love exercise
  • Learning to love healthy eating 
  • Finding and listening to the voice of your body
  • Waking up in the morning with joy and excitement for the day (and yes, even for your workout) 
  • Freeing your mind from the negative body image thoughts, and instead having new thoughts about your dreams and goals (Yes, including finding that dream dress you’ve always wanted!) 
  • Finding new hobbies and activities that you’ve always wanted to do but, because of your body-shaming, you never did them.
  • Discovering that your Light is contagious! 
  • Becoming addicted to your new, fresh, rejuvenating existence. 

I will be sharing ALL the tips about nutrition, exercise, mindset, and most importantly, how to find, listen to, and respect your body’s voice. 


And one more important thing: 

This group is not a “Kumbaya” Group; this group is a “Solutions and Results-Oriented” group. (My clients used to call me “Nazi-Tatsi” for a reason: I’ve never allowed my clients to let themselves down!)...

See you in the group :) 


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