It Is Ok to Cry and Fall Apart When We Heal a Broken Trust

Broken Trust and Betrayal 
Black and white picture a stressed woman sitting under a tree.
It's ok to cry
It's ok to fall apart
You don't have to try
To be strong when you are not
And it may take some time to make sense of all your thoughts
But don't ever fight your tears
'Cause there is freedom in every drop
Sometimes the only way to heal a broken heart is when we fall apart
~ When We Fall Apart by Amy GrantVince Gill


By now, I am sure you have heard of the Law of Attraction--like attracts like--which basically means that, if we want to be happy, we have to feel happy first. It means that, if we want abundance, we have to feel wealthy first. And if we desire a happy relationship, we have to act like we are already in that relationship--and only then will we attract into our lives the things and people we desire. 
I do believe in this Law, and I "get it." HOWEVER...I did have an issue with it, and I had to state my case to God because I needed an explanation. Here is my monolog with God:
"God, so basically you want me to pretend to be what I am not. You want me to be happy even when I am upset, you want me to be joyful while I am hurting, you want me to pretend, to lie, to trick myself into believing I have something that is not really there. I understand what you want, but it is so hard for me because I am all about being REAL, authentic, and not FAKE. If I am broken, I show my brokenness; if I am happy, I show my happiness; and if I am upset, I don't hide my broom  ("flying bitch" :) ). I don't understand why we need to pretend to be who we are not in order for our dreams to come true."
Before God responded through my Inner Voice, the memory of feeling Blissful flashed through my mind, reminding me what Bliss actually means. When we feel Bliss (I have experienced this moment many times), we are fully connected with our Creator: every single wire is connected to the Source. At that moment, we don't seek love because we ARE love, we don't seek wealth because we ARE already abundant, we don't seek understanding because we ARE already understood. We are not lacking anything, and therefore, there is nothing we need to ask for. I call it 'MY RETURN HOME.' 
After my flash of Bliss, the answer came: "I am not asking you to suppress your tears when you feel like crying, I am not asking you to cover your wounds. All I'm asking is that you remember WHO YOU TRULY ARE. Once you pass over that 'pity place,' where you are lacking and asking for so many things...and you keep going...going all the way in...ALL THE WAY...once you get to THAT place, that HOME, you will recognize WHO YOU TRULY ARE. That's the place where you will find everything for which you have been asking: abundance, relationships, health, love, peace, joy...EVERYTHING! I am not asking you to pretend, to lie, to trick yourself into thinking YOU ARE MEANT TO SHINE; I am asking you to BELIEVE IT!"
There are days when it is so hard to BELIVE IT, but I AM MEANT TO SHINE collection is here to help you go all the way in...RETURN HOME, and BE IT!
A woman on the balcony in beach resort wearing a white hoodie I am meant to shine.

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