Glow From Within



I have been seeing many posts on social media relating to “CEO women.” The majority of the posts or quotes refer to the “CEO woman driven by sheer willpower, self-discipline, and management skills." However, based on my own experience, and from having made so many lemons into lemonade, I have discovered that “power” based on willpower and self-discipline doesn’t last too long. Eventually, that kind of power runs out of its energy supply. We have all been through it: starting over and over again with a new diet, endless new resolutions to get into shape, starting new educational courses but not following up with the new information, or even attempting to connect with people and form new healthy relationships.


Eventually, I found the never-ending supply of energy and motivation that allowed me to claim my title, “CEO of my own life.” I used to try to achieve control and “make things happen” with my strong will. I am naturally very self-disciplined and super-motivated, but no matter how I pushed my willpower to the limits, I realized that I couldn’t make my dreams and desires come true on my own. I had to humbly admit that there is “someone” with much bigger power and wisdom. Once I recognized and tapped into this energy of infinite potential, I was able to get my life under “control,” and I became CEO of my own life.


For example, let’s examine the subject of my physical fitness and health. I used to compete in physical fitness challenges and contests, and I was in incredible shape. But the amount of work it took to get in that perfect shape was so hard. It was all about hard work, self-discipline, and being a “food control freak.” Of course, eventually, I ran out of the extreme willpower it took to keep my body in super shape. The result of this extreme control was the eating disorder I developed once I stopped competing. It took me many years to discover the lifelong motivation to stay healthy and stay in my “happy body” shape. It isn’t a special diet, or secret exercises, that keep my body in “healthy and happy shape” now. It is the power within that motivates me to wake up every morning and do my workout without any struggle. It is that divine influence that instills in me the desire to eat healthy and stay away from unhealthy food—not the diets. It is me, with my inner power, who is in charge of my body—and it is so much easier to maintain.


Working on my business, I am so grateful for my power within. There would have been so many moments that I would have given up on my dream because of all the obstacles along the way. No matter how much willpower I can muster on my own, without the inner power and guidance, I wouldn’t be the CEO of my company. I find it super important to start a business that is based on passion. That passion is our connection to the higher intelligence, and without that connection, the business will be short-lived. I immeasurably value and appreciate the connection to my inner guidance, so I can be CEO of my company instead of allowing the negatively influential forces in my life to take control of me.


The biggest blessing and benefit that comes from being CEO of my own life is in the area of personal relationships. Because of the power that comes from within, I am able to see my own worth, which allows me to love and respect myself. There was a time when I let other people’s comments or behavior control my life. I went through periods of doubt, low self-esteem, and self-judgment because I didn’t see my own worth and, therefore, I was afraid to stand up for myself. As CEO of my own life, and armed with the self-love that comes with it (what awesome “collateral damage” ), I am in control of whom I allow into my circle. The more I learn about self-love, the more selective I am about which people I will allow into my circle–and it is truly a great feeling to be surrounded by like-minded, self-loving, respectful people. It is fun to be CEO of my own life.


“CEO of my own life” is not about having power or being in control of the outside world. This controlling kind of CEO is, in truth, controlled by the outside world. My type of CEO is free of any external influence. My type of CEO is taking orders only from her inner guide, with unconditional self-love.  This inner guide knows her dreams and desires, and it shows her the way to make them come true. Therefore, I choose to be my type of CEO: a “CEO from Within,” who can truly claim that I am the CEO of my own life.


The more you connect to the Power within you, the more you can be free in all areas of your life. ~Louise Hay

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