Are chips or Snickers bar addictions running your life?

The solution might be simpler than you think.

A person standing on a scale and holding a salad bowl and a hamburger
Not all addictions are bad. If your addictions keep you on the path to Who you truly are, which is the very best version of yourself, then don't even try to change them. Those addictions will take you all the way HOME, where you'll be living the life you have always wanted.
Addictions occur when we keep feeding WHOever is running our body, be it our Soul or our Monster.  
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Picture it this way. When we eat healthy food, work out, rest, meditate, and take care of our bodies, we feed our Soul--because that is HER food. When we continuously eat unhealthy food, drink too much alcohol, or take drugs, it is as if our body is a Monster who indulges in a feast every day. Why? Because those indulgences are the little (or maybe not-so-little) Monster's only food. This Monster knows that, if you choose to switch over to a good and healthy lifestyle, she will be done for. And so, she keeps asking for more and more unhealthy indulgences to keep herself alive. 
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I know what you're thinking: "This is all great and interesting, Tatiana, but how do I stop feeding the Monster? I have tried all the crazy diets, detox plans, and self-discipline, but the Monster keeps coming back and winning over my Soul!"
Well, you might not like my answer, but when I explain it to you, you will agree that it is a good thing. Imagine you are staying at a hotel, and you don't want the housekeeping personnel to disturb you. So, you put up a sign on the door that says, "Do NOT disturb." But the housekeeping staff ignores your sign and goes right in to clean your room at their convenience--while you are taking a shower.  Putting up the sign is YOUR choice, whether or not others choose to respect your wishes. So, how does this scenario apply to feeding your Monster?
A sign Healthy Choices ahead
The food that goes into your body is YOUR CHOICE. YOU can put up a sign declaring WHO you want to allow to "run" your body (and your life, too). I know it would be much easier if we had someone else to make those healthy food choices for us. But would you really want to give up control of your times of privacy while staying at a hotel? Would you really want to risk the possibility of housekeeping barging in while you are showering or sleeping? Your body is your own sacred space. It is a good thing that you can control your own choices. 
"But what if I do eat healthy food, and the Monster keeps stealing it from my Soul?" you might ask. You MUST know this: there are no games or tricks regarding your Monster's and your Soul's favorite foods. It is extremely straightforward. Your Soul (your smart Self) eats only healthy food, and your Monster (your not-so-smart Self) eats only unhealthy food (and everything else that comes with it). 
So, you don't have to pray or keep your fingers crossed that the food you consume will reach its intended recipient. All you need to do is to decide, in each moment, WHO you want to feed and WHO you'll choose to be your partner each day.  
A woman holding a bowl of healthy food
Dr. Seuss said: "Sometimes the questions are complicated, and the answers are simple." We continuously seem to make the Healthy Lifestyle so prescribed and complicated with all kinds of diets, treatments, programs, psychology, etc., yet the answer is simple. Choose the foods that feed the one WHO you want on your side when you wake up. Is it your frumpy Monster or your joyful Soul? The choice is yours. 
Who are you feeding today?
. . . . . . . 
You might be thinking (or freaking out): "Does this mean that I can't have my hamburger, my ice cream, or my glass of wine anymore?" Absolutely not. We didn't come here to sacrifice our fun; we came here to fully to enjoy our lives. However, since you are reading this, it tells me that your "fun" might not actually be very much fun, because the resulting pain has brought you here to read this. If you want to learn more about Heavenly Body Coaching, lose weight, and set your Healthy Lifestyle on autopilot, click on the link.
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